Catchin' Up With Wheeler!

Holy Smokes! Life has been coconut crazy lately. So many art projects. So many parties. Instead of jabberin’ on, let’s recap the decap with some posters. First off, the newest addition…

Next up, the last few Bang! posters, one for the Motor City Comicon and the other for a heavy metal-themed Bang!

The Comicon poster was actually the first 4-color job of mine ever screenprinted — and I couldn’t be more happy with the results! Copies are still available for those interested.

On the comics front, other than my new comic “Confessions of a Cinemaniac”, I’ve started a new webcomic — “Tales of The Bang!” — chronicling this crazy-ass party freight train we’ve built here in Ann Arbor.

And yes, the comic is right — we’re filming a music video for our pals The Mannequin Men! It’s for the catchy hot wicked tune Massage and will feature the band playing at the 3-D Bang! as well as footage of them at A2’s Above Ground Salon + lots of ridiculous shit we have lined up at the Bang! Studio Workshop. The crew will be the same warped brains behind Detective Frankenstein and could be a new avenue for us in terms of psychedelic creativity. Oh yeah, here’s the 3-D Bang! poster, btw…

What else? Oh yes, click here for a “Most People Are DJs” podcast interview with me @ this year’s Comicon (find some pics from the event here).

In further news, I designed a Skatedeck for the Ann Arbor Skatepark Art Benefit @ Vault of Midnight. Check it out…

Here’s a gallery of the process behind making it, plus another set of pics of the fantastic night.

Geez Louise — is that it? I hope so. I’m already tired. More big things to come out of our MidWest hub coming really soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep writing, keep drawing, keep living, keep lovin.

This is Jeremy Wheeler, signing off.