Crazy Catch-Up...

Hooo-wee! Where the hell did the first leg of summer go?!? I dunno, but so far, it’s been a b-l-a-s-t! From fantastic fun on the big screen to wild nights out on the town to highly satisfying creative output, I’d say that this summer is off to a fine & genuine start. But enough of my babble – onto the goods…


First up, a few Bang! posters to feast yer peepers upon. The first one was for the third installment of our super-live Physical Bang! series. The night was nuts. One of those rare packed summer gigs that remind us why we throw these ridiculous parties in the first place. Loads of sweaty, beautiful people all smiling & dancing to outrageous sights + soundz. If you were there, I thank & salute you. As far as the poster goes, it’s one of those rare horizontal jobs that I save for only the most special of prints.

Up next is our July Bang! – a rare no-theme party that managed to please half our crowd & piss off the other half. It’s funny how you never know how people will react to this stuff. The good news is that we’ll still be decking the joint out with insane decorations, as well as feature the return of one of our most beloved stage sets, so the kids can look forward to that on the 19th. Poster-wise, I was happy to not have to play into this or that theme, even if the final product does give off a certain “wet” vibe (not helped by my “hydro-sexual” choice of words). Ahh well, if people come in sexual raincoats, more power to them! Maybe I’ll bring a super soaker. I’m sure the Pig would LOVE that.

Moving on, here’s the newest poster for the ongoing 42nd St. Drive-In film series @ the Emagine Novi. Hmmm, I’m noticing a similar choice of blue colors in this & the last poster! Well, why not. The only important thing to me is that I keep the colors limited – plus, the blue goes with Blue Sunshine – just one of the fabulous double features on tap for this installment. Can’t wait to see this sucker in all it’s 27x40 glory – soon to be up on Miss M & mine’s wall sometime soon.

Finally, here’s the newest bit of hotness – the poster for the first of what could be a series of parties @ the best place in town, the Elks. Ever since that first fashion show – shit, nearly two years ago (!) – I’ve been waiting to be involved in a party there. Well the time has come & needless to say, this weekend, it’s gonna get H.O.T. down there! Poster-wise, I’d been looking to use the pink on red lately & was surprised how well it fit into what was to be a stripped down b&w piece. Hopefully in the future, I’ll take that color scheme to the next level – for now, they can happily coexist in this steamy flyer.


So I’ve got my own Flickr account now. Feel free to add me to your friends list – or not. Either way, this’ll be a good spot to dump my own stuff, after managing The Bang!’s for a few years now. So, perfect speed-round style, here’s a few sets that are worth checking out (click the pics for the galleries)…

G-Fest 2008

What’s better than a non-stop July 4th party visit to Chicago? Why, the 16th Annual Godzilla Convention, of course! Genius stuff. Extremely hardcore in the best of ways. Only got to spend a few hours there, but that was enough. Little Ultramen. Lordi metal dudes. Tons of toys. Great company (LP+Deafula). SPIDER-ZILLA! What more could you ask for?

Novi Comicon 2008

This stuff’s taken a while to get up – and for that, I’ve got no excuse. What kills me is that our buddy Kile has about 3x as many sitting somewhere in his camera back in GR! Gotta love the pics of Gibner getting’ down @ Saturday night’s karaoke dance party, plus the after pic of us beat down to the ground hungover on Sunday. Add in Gibs’ pompadour paintings & slick Rick Weed in his Elvis sunglasses & you’ve got another fantastic year of comicondom (whoa! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that yet!??). News Flash – The Bang! is set to throw the official party for next year’s Motor City Comicon with the 501st. Believe it!

My AMG Cube

And since I’m throwing around Flickr sets, here’s one of my ever-expanding cube @ AMG — itself, a constant source of inspiration & distraction while I grind away for my copy-protection overlords. It’s also the spot that most tours stop at while the suits chuckle to themselves and wonder what the hell kind of company they got themselves into. Ahh, how good it is to be interesting in a bland world of khakis and denim shirts!

Well, that’s just about it. Tune in later this week when I divulge my award-winning entry in a big movie art contest! Oh, how good it is to be randomly awarded for your hard work. But then again, that’s life, innit? Till next time, kiddies…