Chicago Poster Downsizing -- Oh My!!!

Life sure is nuts sometimes. & not the bodacious kinda nutz with a ‘z,’ but the kind of nuts where yer constantly wondering what the fuck is gonna come around the next corner. I’ll say this, working for a big ol’ corporation makes me nuts — especially when they pick a random Wednesday out of nowhere & start sacking people around you. Next thing you know, tears are shed, tempers flare and nothin’ much seems to make sense.

Good time to escape for an extended weekend, innit? Indeed! That’s why Miss M & I are off on the Megabus tonight to the Windy City, our home away from home. This time, it’s for the first installment of Three Tough Guys — a wing dinger of a thumpin’ night that I’m throwin’ with our best buddies Miles & Louis. Expect much slammin’ funk, library rockers & the usual party goodness that people have come to expect from us. & who knew that fate would step in and take away Isaac Hayes just as we were about to throw a party in his movie’s honor. Anyhoo, this one’s for you, dude…

Other than that, this summer has steamrolled over everyone, it seems. Time to say goodbye to some near & dear to the ol’ heart, while ushering in yet another schoolyear filled with packed houses @ the Bang! along with the always obnoxious marching band practicing down the street! It’s a trade-off, I guess.

Still we continue to barrell through, smiling whenever we can even as the suits pull the rugs out from under our collective feet. It might not be a pretty way to pay the bills, but it works for now. Time to plan the takeover — for real. Everyone who’s with me come to Three Tough Guys & we’ll plan. Those that can’t make it, we’ll brainstorm at the Boogie Bang! next weekend.

Until then, stay strong, be well, laugh lots & thank crap you’ve got a place to crap.