Black Dynamite + Blacklight Blue Snaggletooth Poster

If memory serves me correct, the last time I updated was with my Rationals poster design. Well since then, there’s been three Bang!’s (all with their own posters), plus blacklight silkscreening, art shows & craft festivals — and a new comic @ All Movie. Whew!

Well, best start things off right — with this poster I made for the fantastically funny & badass send-up of blaxploitation movies (and released on DVD today) — Black Dynamite! Stay tuned, cuzz a limited edition blacklight version of this is coming soon!

Speaking of blacklight, here’s my first foray into the tried and true tradition of glow art — this one for the band Blue Snaggletooth (my 2nd poster for them). First up is the original design, followed by the blacklight version, which features an altered color scheme to fit the inks we had at our disposal…

Cool, huh? Big props to Steve at VG Kids for that one. Can’t wait to collaborate MORE!

Before I get to more of my poster work, here’s my newest comic for All Movie — this one for my 2009 Year-End Wrap-Up. A troll has already deemed it “lame”, so I guess that means its good. Check it out & decide yourself…

Alright, I’ll finish things off with some random poster links — starting with The Bang! and ending with an Ann Arbor Rock & Roll Revival show.

Whew! All that since October? Well, yes. 2010 is just getting started. Rev up, cuzz it’s lookin’ to be a sweet ride!