Evil Dead II Print for FrightFest Originals

I was contracted by FrightFest Originals to create an officially licensed silkscreen print for one of the best horror films in town, Evil Dead II. First thing I had to do was sell them on the idea that a Michigan-based artist should handle the art for the most famous crew of genre filmmakers to come from our fine state. Thankfully they agreed. The look was dictated to me to be HEAVY on the splatter. Heavy on the blood. The red version was the finished first, though after creating some variant color schemes, the metallic one ended up being FFO's favorite. Thankfully they were both made available to purchase (buy link here). The original art was drawn with pencil, inks and Sharpie, then scanned and colored before screenprinting maestros VGKIDS handled translating it to paper. All in all, a killer project that is kind of a dream come true for this horror fan!