Tribute to Heavy Metal Horror Print Release

Bang! Media and artist Jeremy Wheeler proudly present this memorial to the heyday of 80’s heavy metal horror with this Tribute to Sammi Curr poster. The 9”x24” print theorizes a massive tribute show to Trick or Treat’s Sammi Curr, who died shortly after being denied a show at Lakeridge High School. Bands from all over were gathered, with none other than New Year’s Evil’s Dianne Sullivan hosting the momentous gig that no doubt drew ire from the school staff, who were pressured by bad PR to host the event. Who knows -- maybe even the ghost of Sammi made an appearance!

Including bands from Terror on Tour, Rock n’ Roll Nightmare, Hard Rock Zombies, Black Roses, Shock ‘Em Dead, Rocktober Blood, Blood Tracks, Monster Dog, Phantom of the Paradise, Slaughterhouse Rock, Rockula, The Gate and Slumber Party Massacre II -- this print is just what the heavy metal horror fan ordered!

Tribute to Sammi Curr is part of Bang! Media’s “Cinema Rocks” poster series focusing on imaginative gigs for made-up movie bands. The series also includes posters for Buckaroo Banzai & the Hong Kong Cavaliers, Brian Slade & Curt Wild,  The Fabulous Stains and many more, the first wave of which will be released throughout 2013. The Sammi Curr print is also a loving tribute to gore artist Putrid (, whose metal illustrations provided a jumping point for the  iconic band logos.

9”x24” (Edition of 60) $15

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